Screening Tools

Are you worried about your child’s speech and language development? 

If you think that your child might be having trouble learning to communicate, it is very important to get them the help they need as early as possible. Our free Communication Checkup online screening tool is available to families living in Ottawa, Ontario with children 6 months to 5 years of age.

If you think a child has any kind of speech or language problem, you can:

If you still have concerns:

  • Contact the CHEO Access Team at (613) 737-2757 to add your child’s name on the waiting list for a Speech and Language assessment. You do not need a referral from a Health Professional.
  • About speech and language development AND about overall development (i.e. play, socializing, motor skills), call the CHEO Access Team at (613) 737-2757.  Children from birth to senior kindergarten-entry are eligible.