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New webinar! The impact of screen time on language development

Is your child getting too much screen time?  Watch our webinar to learn how screen time affects communication development in young children.



Are you concerned about a child’s development? Introducing the CHEO Access Team.

The CHEO Access Team directs families and physicians to the correct care and treatment for children. The CHEO Access Team is for children with complex needs, for example, children who have missed important developmental milestones like sitting or talking, or children and youth who have complex physical and cognitive health issues. The CHEO Access Team is also for children with simple rehabilitation needs, like temporary treatment after a sports injury or speech and language delays.
Some of the services included: Social work, autism diagnosis, care and respite, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, behaviour services, and the First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program.

To reach the CHEO Access Team, please call: (613) 737-2757


Language gives a child the best start in life.

Many factors, such as a child’s relationships, experiences and environments, promote brain development which is turns, is pivotal for language development. Communication grows from the positive and caring stimulation provided by parents, educators and other caregivers.  Know the signs to inform parents about referring in a timely manner.   Act early and support families to access services at an early age and to share key strategies to promote early communication development.


Where should you refer a child for Speech and Language services in Ottawa?

Download the referral document to find out where to obtain information about various concerns – speech, language, hearing – and where to get help for your child.


Would you like someone from the First Words Health Promotion team to attend one of your events?

Consult our Calendar of Events in the community and fill out our Request for Presentation document.