Common Questions

Did you know…

  • Speech and language problems are the most common faced by preschool children.
  • At least 1 in 10 children will face a speech and/or language difficulty.
  • Parents and caregivers have the greatest impact on their child’s speech and language development.
  • No child is too young to have an assessment of his or her speech and language development.
  • Any child can have a speech or language problem. It does not mean that the child is less intelligent.

Should I wait if my child is not meeting the communication milestones?

No, don’t wait. It is better to treat a speech or language problem early. You know your child best. You talk and listen to your child more than anyone else. If you think your child has any kind of speech or language problem, you can:

If you still have concerns:

  • OTTAWA: Refer directly to the CHEO Access Team at 613-737-2757.
  • RENFREW COUNTY: Refer directly to the First Words Renfrew County Intake Office at 613-732-7007, ext. 5905 or 1-888-421-2222.

Will a child grow out of a speech or language problem?

Some children do grow out of speech or language problems; however, it is best not to wait and see. The sooner a problem is discovered, the sooner we can begin to do something to help!
Is it common for younger children/siblings not to talk?

Birth order does not impact language development. Younger children may use gestures or noises, instead of words, to make themselves understood. Sometimes older children may speak for their younger siblings. Help the child by giving them plenty of opportunities and time to express their needs and wants. Remember: take time to talk, sing, read and play with children.
Talk to your child every day so your child can Talk by 2 and Beyond!”