Communication Milestones

In the first years of a child’s life, change happens quickly. It seems as though one day they are infants, the next they are walking, talking and developing their own unique personalities. As a parent there is no one in a better position than you to monitor your child’s speech and language development.  If they run into an issue, it’s up to you to get them the support they need as soon as possible!

You can use these communication milestones to measure your child’s progress, familiarize yourself with potential red flags and learn a few strategies to encourage play, speech and language skills. Keep in mind that these milestones represent the minimum expectations; 85% of children will have mastered the skills listed by the time they reach the age indicated.

If you believe your child is struggling to meet these expectations, you can call Ottawa Public Health at 613-PARENTS or complete the Communication Checkup online screening to see how your child is doing. NOTE: The Communication Checkup is only available to families living in Ottawa, Ontario.

Screening clinics are no longer available in the community.

Please use the menu to the right to find your child’s age.

Note:  If the child’s age is between the ages indicated, please select the younger age.  For example, select “6 months” if the child is 8 months old.

Talk to your child every day so your child can Talk by 2 and Beyond!”